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Welcome to SurvivorLady.com with Sherry Lee..

 Sherry Lee of SurvivorLady.com is pursuing the challenge of 
surviving in the
Yukon for 90 Days ALONE!

This feat has been pursued by several men in the past, and Sherry will be demonstrating a woman's adventurous nature and survival capabilities.

This site will be updated with Sherry's progress as new information is available!

Join Sherry in this amazing journey into the wild!

My Yukon Adventure Begins

Survival Tips

NEW!!..Must Have Survival Info List...

We all need to learn how Survive from Basic Survival Kits to important plants to avoid.

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NEW!!..30 Days Alone In The ALASKAN WILDERNESS...

The focus of this 30 day trail run in Alaska was to test my equipment and my survival skills in the Northern Territories and shoot film for a promotional video.  All of this with no human contact, TOTALLY ALONE!

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NEW!!..Winter Camping!...

For several years most of my bigger more memorable  trips are in the fall and winter time.  I’m sure that it’s the beautiful colored leaves, cool invigorating air and frosty mornings that drawn me outside.

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If I only would have known, before I went Backpacking...

The first time I went backpacking (I was in Jr. High school) I brought a change of clothes for every day. I also carried a giant canvas pack and a blanket.  Using the layering method with synthetic clothing reduces weight and maximizes the efficiency of the garment you do take.  Newer packs, sleeping bags, and tents are made of lighter and more durable materials.  Upgrading equipment can lighten your load significantly, and help you have more fun!

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When sharing nature with bears, here are a few tips to make sure you don’t end up their dinner!  The Bear Attacks in Montana and California are still under investigation but something like this is usually due to the fact that the bears are hungry, and we are in their territory.

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Why do I feel, my butt kicked on the 2nd Day of Backpacking?

Many of us that don’t exercise on a daily basis or have the advantage of Backpacking on long thru-hike’s have had this common complaint.  Most of the usual causes are feeling tired are lack of sleep and or lack of adequate nutrition.

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